Sunday, March 27, 2011

Old Age Makeup for Medium-Big Stages

Hey guys! I just have the best hubby in the world! he let me apply make up so I can practice my old age make up for a big stage. So I am posting some pictures of the process. I have so much fun doing this... while in the other hand Jake told me..." You didn't mention this was an hour process" while I was applying it [I am glad I didn't, if not he would have not let me.. thanks hubby!]

This is Jake before, and the products I used (eye cream foundations, brushes, powder, latex and sponges)

The first thing to do is to draw lines in the wrinkle that comes when a person smiles,
Then blend the lines and apply the white cream eye shadow under each wrinkle, then powder the whole face and apply the latex with a sponge in the desired areas.
I applied latex in Jake's eyes, forehead and on the nasolabial fold. You apply it and wait till it completely dries before you can apply second and third layers.

This make up can be used for medium-big stages. It is really fun to apply, so if you want to see what you will look like in a couple of years, give this make up a try :)

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